on site bbq

On-Site BBQ Services
(subject to Covid19 restrictions and availability)

We provide personalized On-Site BBQ Services to suit all your BBQ needs at Corporate Events, Home Parties, Outdoor, Parties, Weddings, Family Days, Community and School functions. We have a wide range of BBQ items for On-site BBQ that include satay, yakitori, chicken wings, sambal fish, sambal squid and many more.

Charges for BBQ on-site services: $250

  • Which includes, 1 manpower for 3 hours, transport, charcoal, fire-starter, griller, stand, wire-mesh and aluminum trays.
  • Additional manpower with full set of BBQ Equipment will be charged at $190 for three hours.
  • Additional manpower without BBQ Equipment will be charged at $100 for three hours.
  • Extension of services will be charged at $50 an hour per manpower.
  • Chef will only grill items ordered from our company.

Want a hassle-free BBQ? Just let our guys grill!!!

Call us at 6445 5369 to find out more!!!

Specific Delivery Time Request (subject to availability)

If you need delivery to be very specific on particular hour, we can make arrangement for special delivery to accommodate your request. Items will be delivered to you within half hour before or after your requested time. Call us at our hotline 6445 5369 to enquire.